Google Workspace

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Last updated Sep 9, 2023


Write cell values to Google Sheets.

google-workspace-sheets-write-values [profile=PROFILE] sheet-id=SHEET-ID sheet-name=SHEET-NAME key-column=KEY-COLUMN fields=FIELDS
Profile name of Google Workspace
Google Sheets ID
Sheet name
Key column. e.g. A
Comma-separated field names to be entered on the sheet. Key fields are prefixed with +.

This command works in the following order:

  1. Get the value of the key field specified by the fields option from the input record.
  2. Find the value of the key field from the sheet column specified by the key-column option.
  • If the key field does not exist, it is added to the last line of the sheet.
  • If the key field exists, overwrites the line with the value of the field specified by the fields option.

Output Fields

This command outputs the input record as is.