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Last updated Oct 4, 2022

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Azure is a cloud computing platform created by Microsoft. Public clouds require more attention to security operations because all assets exist on the Internet and cloud resources fluctuate from time to time. Azure provides Activity Log to audit API usage through Azure Monitor, Metric to manage key metrics such as performance, and supports managing the list and settings of cloud resources through APIs.

Logpresso enables you to integrate compliance monitoring in the cloud through apps using the Azure API.

Azure configuration

After signing in to the Azure portal, expand the left menu to go to 'Azure Active Directory'. Again, click the 'App registrations' menu and you'll see the screen below to add your app.

Your app should now appear in the list, as shown below. You need to generate a secret for the app. Click the app name.

Copy 'Application (client) ID' and 'Directory (tenant) ID' for later steps. Click the 'Add a certificate or secret' link.

Click the 'New client secret' button, and generate new client secret.

Copy the 'Client secret' value for later steps.

Navigate to 'API permissions' and click the 'Add a permission' button.

Select 'Azure Service Management' and 'Azure Key Vault'.

Check 'user_impersonation' and click 'Add permissions' button.

Grant admin consent to requested API permissions.

Verify admin consent status.

After registering your app, you need to grant permissions before you can manage resources with the API. Navigate to the 'Cost Management + Billing > Management groups' menu and click the tenant name in the list to enter the management screen.

Copy the subscription ID for later steps.

Click the 'Access Control (IAM)' menu again, and click the 'Role assignments' tab to add app roles in the screen below.

Click the 'Add role assignment' button, and follow instructions below.

If you've been following along, you should have the following information:

  • Azure Active Directory > App registrations
    • Application (client) ID
    • Directory (tenant) ID
    • Client secret
  • Cost Management+ Billing > Subscriptions
    • Subscription ID

Logpresso configuration

Navigate to the 'Settings > Connect Profile' menu and click the 'Add' button. Configure Subscription ID, Client ID, Tenant ID, Client Secret of Azure connect profile.

You're done!