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Last updated Feb 21, 2024


Retrieves a credential report for the AWS account.

aws-iam-credential-report [profile=PROFILE]
The identifier of AWS connect profile

AWS IAM Policy

To use this command, you must allow the below permissions in your AWS IAM policy:

  • iam:GenerateCredentialReport
  • iam:GetCredentialReport

Output Fields

aws_profileStringConnect profileThe identifier of AWS connect profile
userStringUsere.g. <root_account>, logpresso
user_creation_timeDateUser creation time
mfa_activeBoolMFA activeMulti-factor authentication
access_key_1_activeStringAccess key 1 active
access_key_1_last_rotatedDateAccess key 1 last rotated
access_key_1_last_used_dateDateAccess key 1 last used date
access_key_1_last_used_regionStringAccess key 1 last used regione.g. ap-northeast-2
access_key_1_last_used_serviceStringAccess key 1 last used servicee.g. s3
access_key_2_activeStringAccess key 2 active
access_key_2_last_rotatedDateAccess key 2 last rotated
access_key_2_last_used_dateDateAccess key 2 last used date
access_key_2_last_used_regionStringAccess key 2 last used region
access_key_2_last_used_serviceStringAccess key 2 last used servicee.g. acm
cert_1_activeStringCertificate 1 active
cert_1_last_rotatedStringCertificate 1 last rotated
cert_2_activeStringCertificate 2 active
cert_2_last_rotatedStringCertificate 2 last rotated
password_enabledStringPassword enablede.g. not_supported, true, false
password_last_changedDatePassword last changed
password_last_usedDatePassword last used
password_next_rotationDatePassword next rotation
report_created_atDateReport created at