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Last updated Feb 21, 2024


Describes all of your AWS ELB target groups.

aws-elb-target-groups [profile=PROFILE] [region=REGION]
The identifier of AWS connect profile
AWS region

AWS IAM Policy

To use this command, you must allow the below permissions in your AWS IAM policy:

  • elasticloadbalancing:DescribeTargetGroups
  • elasticloadbalancing:DescribeTargetHealth

Output Fields

aws_profileStringConnect profileThe identifier of AWS connect profile
regionStringRegione.g. ap-northeast-2
protocolStringProtocole.g. HTTPS
portIntegerPorte.g. 443
target_typeStringTarget typee.g. instance
health_check_enabledBoolHealth check enabled
health_check_interval_secondsIntegerHeal check intervale.g. 30
health_check_pathStringHealth check pathe.g. /
health_check_portStringHealth check porte.g. traffic-port
health_check_protocolStringHealth check protocole.g. HTTPS
health_check_timeoutIntegerHealth check timeoute.g. 5
healthy_threshold_countIntegerHealthy threshold countThe number of consecutive health checks successes required before considering an unhealthy target healthy. e.g. 5
unhealthy_threshold_countIntegerUnhealthy threshold countThe number of consecutive health check failures required before considering the target unhealthy. e.g. 2
vpc_idStringVPC ID
load_balancer_arnsListLoad balancer ARNsElements with load balancer ARN identifier
targetsListTargetsElements with target_id, target_az, target_port, target_description, target_state, and target_reason properties