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Last updated Feb 21, 2024


Describes one or more of your AWS EC2 VPN connections.

aws-ec2-vpn-connections [profile=PROFILE] [region=REGION]
The identifier of AWS connect profile
AWS region

AWS IAM Policy

To use this command, you must allow the below permissions in your AWS IAM policy:

  • ec2:DescribeVpnConnections

Output Fields

aws_profileStringConnect profileThe identifier of AWS connect profile
regionStringRegione.g. ap-northeast-2
typeStringTypee.g. ipsec.1
vpn_connection_idStringVPN connection ID
vpn_gateway_idStringVPN gateway ID
transit_gateway_idStringTransit gateway ID
stateStringStatee.g. pending, available, deleting, deleted
categoryStringCategorye.g. VPN-Classic
static_route_onlyBoolStatic route onlytrue or false
customer_gateway_idStringCustomer gateway ID
customer_gateway_configStringCustomer gateway config
vpn_static_routesListVPN static routesElements with dst_cidr_block, source, and state properties.
vgw_telemetryListVGW telemetryElements with accepted_route_count, last_status_change, outside_ip, status, and status_msg properties.
tagsListTagsElements with key and value properties.