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Last updated Feb 21, 2024


Describes the status of all running AWS EC2 instances.

aws-ec2-instance-statuses [profile=PROFILE] [region=REGION]
The identifier of AWS connect profile
AWS region

AWS IAM Policy

To use this command, you must allow the below permissions in your AWS IAM policy:

  • ec2:DescribeInstanceStatus

Output Fields

aws_profileStringConnect profileThe identifier of AWS connect profile
regionStringRegione.g. ap-northeast-2
azStringAvailability Zonee.g. ap-northeast-2a
instance_idStringInstance IDe.g. i-00123456789abcdef
state_codeIntegerState codee.g. 16
state_nameStringState namee.g. running
instance_statusStringInstance statuse.g. ok
system_statusStringSystem statuse.g. ok
eventsListEventsElements with code, description, not_before, and not_after properties
instance_status_detailsListInstance status detailsElements with detail_name, detail_status, and impaired_since properties
system_status_detailsList시스템 상태 상세 목록각 배열 요소는 detail_name, detail_status, impaired_since 속성 포함