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Last updated Feb 19, 2024


Set up a list of intrusion detection rule categories to send syslogs to the WAPPLES device.

wapples-set-intrusion-syslog-categories profile=PROFILE categories=CATEGORIES
Connect profile code of WAPPLES device.
Intrusion rule categories separated by comma. Valid category names are [URL Block, Request Header Filtering, Parameter Tampering, Cross Site Request Forgery, JSON Protection Check, Directory Traversal, Privacy Input Filtering, NoSQL Injection, XPath Injection, User Defined Pattern, Request Method Filtering, Error Handling, Buffer Overflow, YAML Protection Check, Cookie Poisoning, Content Spoofing, Insecure Deserialization, Custom Rule, Server Side Template Injection, LDAP Injection, SQL Injection, URL Access Control, Unvalidated Redirects, Server Side Scripting Injection, Privacy Output Filtering, Response Header Filtering, Invalid HTTP, Cross Site Scripting, File Upload, IP Block, File Inclusion, Input Content Filtering, XXE Injection, Website Defacement, Stealth Commanding, IP Filtering, Suspicious Access, Extension Filtering, Directory Listing, Access Control, XML Protection Check, Invalid URL, Privacy File Filtering]

Output Fields

profileStringConnect profilee.g. wapples
idStringIDObject ID
revStringRevisionObject version