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Last updated Apr 3, 2024


Retrieve URL reputation information from VirusTotal for the url value passed as the input record.

virustotal-url-report-batch [profile=PROFILE]
Comma seperated VirusTotal profile names

Input Field

  • url (String): URL or domain

Output Fields

tldStringTLDe.g. com, net
titleStringBrowser Title
threat_namesListThreat namese.g. Mal/HTMLGen-A
targeted_brandsListTargeted brands
malicious_reportsIntegerMalicious reportsNumber of reports saying that is malicious.
suspicious_reportsIntegerSuspicious reportsNumber of reports saying that is suspicious.
harmless_reportsIntegerHarmless reportsNumber of reports saying that is suspicious.
undetected_reportsIntegerUndetected reportsNumber of reports saying that is undetected.
timeout_reportsIntegerTimeout reportsNumber of timeouts when analysing this file.
failure_reportsIntegerFailure reportsNumber of AV engines that fail when analysing that file.
reputationIntegerReputationFile's score by community votes
harmless_votesIntegerHarmless votesNumber of positive votes.
malicious_votesIntegerMalicious votesNumber of negative votes.
tagsListTagse.g. executable, windows, pe, pedll
last_http_response_codeIntegerLast HTTP response codee.g. 200
last_http_response_content_lengthLongLast HTTP response content length
last_http_response_content_sha256StringLast HTTP response content SHA256
outgoing_linksListOutgoing links
redirection_chainListRedirection chain
first_submissionDateFirst submission time
last_submissionDateLast submission time
last_modifiedDateLast modified time
last_analysisDateLast analysis time
last_analysis_resultsListAnalysis resultsengine_name, method, category, result properties.