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Last updated Jul 17, 2022


Fetch index configurations from Splunk server.

splunk-indexes [profile=PROFILE]
The identifier of Splunk connect profile

Output Fields

profileStringConnect profileThe identifier of Splunk connect profile
nameStringIndex name
total_event_countStringTotal event count
min_timeStringMin timeMin time of the index
max_timeStringMax timeMax time of the index
current_db_sizeStringDatabase sizeMegabytes
bloomfilter_total_sizeStringBloomfilter total sizeKilobytes
max_data_sizeStringMax data sizeTriggering a roll from hot to warm buckets
bloomfilter_countStringNumber of Bloom filters
hot_bucket_countStringNumber of hot buckets
warm_bucket_countStringNumber of warm buckets
max_hot_span_secsStringMax hot span secsThe upper bound of the target maximum timespan of hot and warm buckets
max_hot_idle_secsStringMax hot idle secsIf a hot bucket exceeds this value, Splunk rolls it to warm
frozen_time_periodStringFrozen time periodThe maximum age (seconds) for a bucket, after which the data in this index rolls to frozen
home_pathStringHome pathAbsolute path to both hot and warm buckets
cold_pathStringCold pathAbsolute file path to the cold database
thawed_pathStringThawed pathAbsolute file path to the thawed index