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Last updated Dec 9, 2023


Fetch sharepoint logs using Office 365 Management API

o365-sharepoint-logs [profile=PROFILE] [duration=NUM{mon|w|d|h|m|s}] [from=yyyyMMddHHmmss] [to=yyyyMMddHHmmss]
Office 365 connect profile name
Scan only recent data. You should use s(second), m(minute), h(hour), d(day), mon(month) time unit. For example, 10s means data from 10 seconds earlier.
Start time of range. yyyyMMddHHmmss format. If you omit time part, it will be padded by zero.
End time of range. yyyyMMddHHmmss format. If you omit time part, it will be padded by zero.

Output Fields

profileStringConnect profileThe identifier of Office 365 connect profile
workloadStringWorkloade.g. OneDrive, SharePoint
client_ipIP addressClient IP
user_idStringUser ID
operationStringOperatione.g. FileUploaded, FileAccessed, FilePreviewed, FolderCreated, FileSyncUploadedFull
object_idStringObject IDe.g.
item_typeStringItem typee.g. File, Folder, Field, Web, Site, List
user_agentStringUser agente.g. Microsoft SkyDriveSync 22.089.0426.0003 ship; Windows NT 10.0 (19044)
event_sourceStringEvent sourcee.g. SharePoint
source_relative_urlStringSource relative URLe.g. /Documents/path/to
source_file_nameStringSource file namee.g. file.png
source_file_extensionStringSource file extensione.g. png, xlsx, pdf, pptx, zip
versionIntegerVersione.g. 1
idStringIDGUID format
list_idStringList IDGUID format
list_item_idStringList item IDGUID format
org_idStringTenant IDGUID format
web_idStringWeb IDGUID format
siteStringSiteGUID format
site_urlStringSite URLe.g.
record_typeIntegerRecord typee.g. 6 (File, Folder), 14 (Group), 56 (List column), 4 (Site), 36 (List)
user_typeIntegerUser typee.g. 0
user_keyStringUser keye.g.
correlation_idStringCorrelation IDGUID format
app_idStringApp IDGUID format
app_display_nameStringApp display namee.g. Microsoft Teams, OneNote