Criminal IP

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Last updated Oct 24, 2023


Search assets from Criminal IP service.

criminal-ip-asset-search [profile=PROFILE] query=QUERY [verbose=t]
Connect profile identifier
Keywords for search
t for banner and ssl_info

Output Fields

profileStringProfileConnect profile identifier
scan_timeDateScan time
ipIP addressIP addressIP address of asset
dst_portIntegerPort numbere.g. 443
protocolStringProtocole.g. TCP
serviceStringServicee.g. HTTPS
inbound_threat_levelStringInbound threat levele.g. Safe, Low, Moderate, Dangerous, Critical
outbound_threat_levelStringOutbound threat levele.g. Safe, Low, Moderate, Dangerous, Critical
has_cveBoolHas CVE
ssl_cnStringCommon name of certificate
titleStringBrowser titlee.g. Logpresso Docs
countryStringCountrye.g. KR
asnStringASNe.g., Inc.
org_nameStringOrganization namee.g. AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region
product_nameStringProduct namee.g. nginx
product_versionStringProduct versione.g. Unknown
tagsStringTagsSeparated by new line. e.g. openssl
tech_stacksStringTech stackSeparated by new line. e.g. jQuery
is_vpnBoolVPN IP
is_torBoolTOR IP
is_proxyBoolProxy IP
is_scannerBoolScanner IP
is_cloudBoolCloud IP
is_hostingBoolHosting IP
is_snortBoolSnort IP
is_3gBool3G IP
is_5gBool5G IP
is_lteBoolLTE IP
ssl_expiredBoolExpired certificate
ssl_issuerStringIssuer of certificatee.g. Let's Encrypt
ssl_subject_countryStringSubject country of certificatee.g. KR
ssl_subject_organizationStringSubject organization of certificate
latitudeDoubleLatitudee.g. 37.52811
longitudeDoubleLongitudee.g. 126.8958
ssl_infoStringCertificate details