AhnLab EPP

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Last updated Mar 5, 2024


Fetch result of search file task from AhnLab EPP.

ahnlab-epp-search-file-result task=NUM start=START_IP end=END_IP
Task ID from ahnlab-epp-start-search-file output
Starting IP address for search
Ending IP address for search

Output Fields

_timeDateTimeTask completion time
task_idLongTask IDTask ID from ahnlab-epp-start-search-file output
task_statusStringTask statusSUCCESS or FAIL
file_pathStringFile pathFound file path
file_nameStringFile nameFound file name
file_sizeLongFile sizeFound file size
md5StringMD5MD5 of file
node_idLongNode IDNode ID from ahnlab-epp-start-search-file output
ipIP addressIP addressIP address of node
macStringMAC addressMAC address of node
file_created_atDateFile creation timeFile creation time
file_modified_atDateFile modification timeFile modification time
userStringUserLogon user