Neutrino API

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Last updated Apr 5, 2024


Obtain location information for IP addresses and perform reverse DNS (PTR) lookups from Neutrino API service.

neutrino-ip-info [profile=PROFILE] ip=IP [reverse-lookup=REVERSE-LOOKUP]
Connect profile code of Neutrino API
An IPv4 or IPv6 address. Accepts standard IP notation and also CIDR notation.
Do a reverse DNS (PTR) lookup. This option can add extra delay to the request so only use it if you need it

Output Fields

profileStringConnect profileConnect profile code of Neutrino API
ipIP addressIPIPv4 or IPv6
is_validBoolIs validIs this a valid IP
is_v6BoolIs v6
is_v4BoolIs v4Is this a IPv4 mapped IPv6
is_bogonBoolIs bogonIs this a bogon IP address
countryStringCounty namee.g. United States of America
country_codeStringCountry codee.g. US
country_code3StringCountry code3e.g. USA
continent_codeStringContinent codee.g. NA
currency_codeStringCurrency codee.g. USD
cityStringCitye.g. San Jose
regionStringRegione.g. California
region_codeStringRegion codee.g. CA
longitudeDoubleLocation longitudee.g. 37.33939
latitudeDoubleLocation latitudee.g. -121.89496
tz_idIntegerTime zone ID
tz_nameStringTime zone name
tz_abbrStringTime zone abbreviation
dateStringDatee.g. 2024-02-06
current_timeDateCurrent timee.g. 2024-04-03 14:03:56+0900
timeStringTimee.g. 14:03:56.525998
tz_offsetStringOffsetThe UTC offset, e.g. +09:00